Five Things To Say (Or Do) For Your Homeschool Partner



My wife and I are home schoolers. We have been for what seems like forever at this point. In reality it’s only been about 12 years (since around 2004) that we’ve been doing it. It’s tiring. It’s expensive. There are days when you don’t think you are good enough to do it. There are days you think you’ve got many of the answers. It’s a challenge for both parents and students, but it can be one of the most rewarding decisions you ever make.

There are things she’s really good at, and there are things that I’m good at. We use those strengths and weaknesses to balance each other and make the experience the best it can possibly be for our children. In reality my wife does the bulk of the work. She’s at home with the kids all day. I’m off at work. She does most of the schooling, if I’m being completely honest. I come in at the end of the day with the one or two subjects that I know really well and try to sneak in a few fun things to do with the kids here and there.

That having been said there are things your homeschooling wife (or husband, if they do the bulk of the job) like to hear. There are things you can do as the supporter that can make the days, the weeks and the years so much easier. Here are a few things I try to keep in mind and a few things your homeschooling partner likes to hear or do.

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