Her Birthday


Happy Birthday

It’s her birthday today. She turns 35. I didn’t tell her Happy Birthday before I left for work this morning, despite being with her for almost half an hour from the time I woke up until I walked out the door. I realized it when I got to work and almost immediately sent her a message telling her Happy Birthday. I blame it on the allergy pills I took the night before.

So yes. Today is her birthday. I’m taking her out later for a nice quiet dinner and a walk around the park to take pictures of flowers. It’s her day and she gets to decide what we do, but I’d accompany her almost anywhere because I love her and want her to feel special.

This is the 16th birthday of hers that I get to celebrate with her. We don’t generally make a big deal out of birthdays around our house, at least for the adults. Even so I like to do something special for her. Sometimes it’s letting her sleep in late or get a very long nap in if it’s a weekend. I’ll grab a small flower to bring to her on my way home, or we’ll go out and have a simple, quiet dinner.

Me and HerWe started out together when we were still so young. I was four days into my 21st year and she was 19 when we got married. We were kids, barely knew what we were doing, but we knew we were going to make it work. I’d say in these 15 years we’ve been together we’ve grown a lot.

She’s closing in on as many birthdays with me as she had before I came along. I still look at her every time I see her with that feeling my chest could burst at any minute. I still find myself casting sideways glances and checking her out. I still smile every time I see her. I still want nothing more when I get home than to wrap my arms around her and pull her close. I still get excited at the prospect of a few minutes alone with her. She’s more beautiful to me now than she was back then, and even then I thought she was way out of my league. Someone that beautiful couldn’t have possibly been interested in me, but she was.

She’s my wife and I love her so very much. I may never be able to throw huge galas and invite all our friends, relatives and church family over to celebrate, but I won’t let an opportunity go by to show her how much I truly love her.

It’s her birthday today. She turns 35, and she means everything to me.