The Meltdown and the Pizza


MeltdownSome events from the last few days showed me some of the ways that my wife and I are different from each other, but work so well to help educate and entertain our children.

A few days ago Andrew was having a meltdown. He wanted so badly to go to Walmart to buy a crane. (He’s obsessed with construction equipment.) We told him we couldn’t go and get one because we didn’t have any money, and I just don’t know if Walmart has cranes. I got a brilliant idea. I told Heather I need a box, a stick and some duct tape. She gave me the weirdest look as I gathered up all the materials I needed; a shipping box, one of the bamboo sticks from our garden, duct tape, some twine and a chip clip. I put the box together, duct taped the stick so that it was secure inside the box but sticking out long enough to be the arm of the crane. Attached some of the twine to the end of the stick and tied a chip clip to the end of the twine. It wasn’t the prettiest thing, and didn’t exactly function like a crane, but I had built a crude crane that pleased the upset child. I then had to duplicate said crane for his little sister who now wanted one. They played with them for hours picking up things with their chip clips, pushing the boxes around the house. It didn’t matter that it didn’t looked exactly like the crane you would see at a construction site. They had to use their imaginations a little bit, but it served the basic function and they had a ton of fun with their cardboard cranes. Heather looked at me and said, “I never would have thought of that.”

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