This is me.

This is me.

Hi. My name is Tony Miller. I’m your host for this blog. I suppose you clicked on this page because you want to know a little bit about me. Well then, I guess I’ll tell you some stuff.

First off I’m the parent of six children. Five of them living at home that range in age from 2 years old to 17 years old. Three of them are girls and two of them are boys. I have a son who was born into Heaven a few years ago that I wish dearly I had gotten a chance to meet. They’re some of the most important people in my life and everything I do is because I want to show them I’m trying to be the best father to them I can be.

I’ve been married to the most beautiful, most intelligent, most patient woman on the planet since March of 2001. We got married when I was 21 and she was 19. It’s been a road that was bumpy at times and smooth at others. It’s a broken road, but it’s been blessed by God and continues to lead us toward the future.

I currently work for one of the biggest health systems in the Tulsa area. It’s my day job and it pays the bills. In my spare time I like to do a lot of things. I read books, mostly of the fantasy and science fiction variety. I enjoy movies where things blow up. In the last few years I’ve found out I really like gardening. That was something I never thought I’d do. My favorite hobby, though, has to be video games. In those hours after everyone is in bed and I have some time to myself I enjoy getting lost in the story of a great game or solving puzzles. If you would like to see my ramblings about video games you can visit my other page, Nintendo Okie.

 A Few Facts About Me

* I was born in North Carolina back in the good old days of 1980. Despite that I consider myself an Okie.

* In high school I played the clarinet in the marching band and baseball when I wanted to be outside.

* Somehow I finished second in the voting for Band Queen my senior year in high school despite not being a girl. (It’s not a fact I’m exactly proud of, but a fact none the less.)

* My favorite book series is The Lord of the Rings. I’m also a huge Star Wars fan.

* Being a parent scares me to death.

If there’s anything else you want to know you’ll just have to ask.


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