2016 Reading Challenge Update


Bloodfire Quest

So my quest to read a book a week has not gotten off to a great start. It took me just over two weeks to finish my first book. I’ll have to pick up the pace if I want to get back on track for reading a book a week. Still, if I finish a book every two weeks I’ll have 26 books for the year, which is more than I’ve ever read in a year in the past. I don’t really have anything to attribute it to other than there were a couple nights I could have been reading, but took a trip to Victorian London to play Assassin’s Creed (I’m weak).

I finished the first book in the Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy (Wards of Faerie). It was definitely the first book in a trilogy. The best comparison I can make is to the Fellowship of the Ring. It definitely set the plot in motion. It introduced the major characters to the story and set up their history a little bit. You got to see how people react to the Druid’s around the world. You were introduced to the next set of Ohmsfords (major players in the history of Shannara) and their connection to each other and the magic of the Wishsong.

It had more action at the end than the first Rings book as it ended with a huge battle. There are currently two different major plots unfolding at once with what I think could be a third just starting to be set up. I don’t want to talk about them without spoiling anything (Yes, I know the book is old at this point). You have two groups that have set out on very different paths, but are looking to reconnect because of events that happened during the course of the story. It ends with one character returning “home” only I believe she’s going to find herself on a quest of her own very soon. Trees don’t talk to you for no reason.

The characters are interesting. It touches on a lot of history from previous Shannara novels. I recognize a lot of names and places from the previous books I’ve read. I’ll be interested in seeing where this one goes as I’m definitely invested in the story and want to see what happens next.

Now, on to book two; Bloodfire Quest.


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